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Professional Outdoor Landscape Lighting Systems of Owensboro, Kentucky (Daviess County), Evansville, Indiana (Vanderburgh County), Bowling Green, Kentucky (Warren County), Louisville, Kentucky (Jefferson County), Henderson, Kentucky (Henderson County), Calhoun, Kentucky (McLean County), Central City, Kentucky (Muhlenberg County), Hartford, Kentucky (Ohio County), and Surrounding Areas

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Our Team Is Dedicated to Great Service

What Is the Difference?

There are plenty of low-voltage lighting companies out there today, and many say that they provide the best quality and service around. So what makes NiteLiters any different? It's a combination of things, but overall, it’s our focus on great design, intentionality, and excellent customer service that makes us stand out among the crowd.

Award Winning Lighting Design Always Comes First

When you start with good design, you end with great results. The design team at NiteLiters has undergone many hours of training and advanced education in lighting design, in an effort to produce the best overall outcome to every low-voltage lighting project they take on.

Our process to achieve our client's lighting requirements always begins with a consultation to discuss their needs and desires, and that consultation is followed by developing a comprehensive design plan. From the type and placement of each cable and fixture and the development of lighting zones to the intensity of the lamps used, our designers create a design drawing which guide us in proper installation and future maintenance needs. This blueprint is the heart of your lighting system, and our team refers to it throughout the entire relationship.

An Agile Approach to Your Lighting Needs

Each lighting design we create is comprehensive, yet it's also broken up into various zones (or areas). We do this in case our clients want to start with lighting one primary area only with the option to add to their system in the future. This helps us to be consistent to the overall design needs of the property when future additions are requested and improves efficiency and cost savings.

High Quality Fixtures and Equipment

NiteLiters sources and tests only the highest quality fixtures and equipment on the market, and we partner with manufactures who back their equipment with hassle-free warranties. You won't find the items we source at a local hardware store or big-box retailer, as they are only made available to professional lighting companies who strive for the highest quality.

NiteLiters also provides some of the most technologically advanced equipment available on the market as well. And each of the products we install comes with a product warranty that is serviced by NiteLiters. Our technicians will quickly and efficiently repair or replace any faulty equipment without charge during the warranty period, not leaving you in the dark.

Service Beyond the Sale

One of the biggest reasons we are a leader in the low-voltage lighting industry is because of our commitment to our clients beyond the installation of their lighting system. From breakdowns and repairs to equipment malfunctions and line breaks, you won't receive better service from anyone else around. We've even developed in-house one of the most sophisticated service software programs in the industry to help us provide exceptional, timely, and efficient service to our valued clients.

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