Service is Paramount!

Service pic1How often do you hear the word ‘Service’ used by most every company?  It’s a common and expected term that describes a function.  Should not it be an active priority or a measure for legitimacy?

At NiteLiters, Inc., we believe so.

As quoted by Chris Mitchell, lighting designer/sales manager of NiteLiters, Inc.:

“Service is paramount!  We would not be here today if it wasn’t for our commitment to this key aspect of business.  I can honestly say that each of our employees genuinely cares about what and how they provide for our customer.  This is a trait that we look for in our team members.  One must have a ‘servant’s heart’ in order to be a part of this company.”

Service is a way of life and it is part of our culture.  Our service is to provide for our customer’s needs and to do it with a servant’s heart.

NiteLiters company picService employs understanding, knowledge and a sense of urgency in order to be successful.  What is meant by understanding?  It is the understanding of the customer, his or her needs, and of the lighting systems employed.  Knowledge is the educational side of this craft.  Each of the NiteLiters, Inc. employees has spent many years learning the proper way to design, install and service the equipment used on these projects.  We continually spend time sharpening all of our skills.  And, a sense of urgency means that when our customer has a problem….we have a problem, and it needs to be fixed now.  This is how we provide exceptional quality and service.

Service quote2The only way to guarantee the lighting design’s intent from the very beginning is to provide a level of service that goes above and beyond.  Only those who care will achieve this.  Hence, we default back to those have a ‘servant’s heart’.

A service provider’s role is not an easy one.  Great attention must be given to the project and to the customer.  Changes are inevitable and no lighting system will remain in tip-top shape without continual supervision.  Remember, plants grow and landscapes change with time.  Statues, garden art, water features, decks, paths and the like are added, removed, or relocated.  Service technicians must be able to adapt to provide the best performance measures.

“Helping a person will not necessarily change the world, but it will change the world for that person.”

NiteLiters, Inc. believes in the concept of making each customer, a customer for life—you become a NiteLiters, Inc. family member.  Our past or current customer is just as important as any new customer—it’s all one-in-the-same.  We cannot successfully grow without new customers, and we cannot gain recommendations or referrals without a happy customer base.

Service quote1Service truly is a NiteLiters, Inc. competitive selling advantage and we are humbled by our success.  We could say we are proud of this accomplishment, but we recognize our intent is offered to a higher source.



There is no better time to enhance your living environment—we would love the opportunity to meet with you and to explore ideas.  One of our team specialists will eagerly set a date and time that best applies to your needs—please contact us at:

NiteLiters, Inc.

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We serve most any outdoor lighting need within a 200-mile radius of Owensboro, KY, for both residential and commercial properties. This includes the beautiful state of Kentucky, southern Illinois and Indiana, and northern Tennessee.  We are a nationally recognized, award-winning company that is licensed, insured, and certified.

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