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Fence decorative frontlit1Most people would question, “Why illuminate the fence—what’s so special about that?”  In some cases they are right, especially if the fencing is not attractive or if it is in poor condition.  However, a fence can be effectively utilized as part of the landscape scene.

Let’s dissect what a fence actual is and for what purpose it serves.  In most cases it defines the boundaries to one’s property.  But, it can act as a screen to hide unsightly areas or it can provide containment.  Fences are usually man-made and structural by nature.  Most are made of wood, metal or stone, but some are made with plants, as in hedges.  These natural fences can provide the same function.

There are several benefits to fencing:

  • Security of the property or space
  • Control of pedestrian, animal and vehicular movement
  • Privacy
  • Beautification of the space—utilizing a vertical layer within the scene

Fence decorative backlit2 shadowsDid you know that fencing can enhance a lighting scheme?  Just look through some of the finer publications that highlight various landscapes at night and you will see some of this.  Fences allow for a beautiful backdrop to add color or better impact garden art.  They can allow lighting fixtures to be used from varying heights.  They can act as a reflective surface for indirect lighting, which cuts out any glare problems.  Shadow patterns can be achieved when casting light through some types of fencing, which adds interest to a space.

These types of vertical elements can allow for many creative options in the lighting scheme.  At NiteLiters, Inc., we believe that your yard should be a personal journey.  Fencing allows our design team an opportunity to provide you more than what normally would be expected.

Thoughtful Tips

Fence gate downlit1Typically, fence lighting should be somewhat subdued and not used as a primary focal point.  What this means is that the lighting application should act as a ‘transitional’ source—a comfortable, pass-through level of lighting.  One should feel a sense of comfort and peace.


“Fence lighting adds a new level of interest to most any setting, as it provides a vertical dimension to the setting.”

Tip #1:  When illuminating a fence, don’t get too close to its surface as this will create “hot spots” that are distracting and unpleasant.

Tip #2:  Avoid direct glare from any light sources along these features, as it is again, distracting to the eye.  The goals are to create comfort, warmth and interest.

Tip #3:  When using the fence to create shadows, ensure that these shadows don’t create a safety hazard.  The especially applies to areas of elevation change—stairs and slopes.  The last thing you want is someone to mis-step and fall.


Fence decorative backlit1NiteLiters, Inc. is extremely passionate about landscape lighting and in providing proven solutions for all of our customers.  Additionally, we are creative in the way we approach each and every job.  We consider you, our customer, as part of this process.

Our company is built on what matters most to us–Service.  Many companies say these things, but do not follow through.  This is what makes NiteLiters, Inc. different—we perform this valued benefit.  All of this can be proven through almost two decades of built relationships and a multitude of referrals.

This is a simple message and we provide solutions.  We will always be there for you because we consider you “family”—that’s our commitment to you.


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