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architect planSomething interesting came to mind after our last article appeared on the NiteLiters, Inc. website.  It had to do with the importance of design.  This is the ever crucial part of all specialized trade services.  In this last topic discussion about “Community,” we explained that it is a place where people can both rejoice and mourn things together.  Community and being involved in a community is about sharing experiences or moments together.

Why then is design so significant, as it relates to one’s community?  Could it not be said that design impacts us in either a positive or negative way?  We believe that it does, and for this reason we have chosen to discuss it further—showing its significance.

The decisions a designer makes will leave a lasting impression upon many–the end user or owner of that property, the surrounding neighborhood, and even the whole community.  If you think about this for a moment, this might make more sense.  Let’s imagine you have a bad experience through a poor design decision.  How would you feel about this?  In most cases, you would be unhappy.  And, because you were unhappy, this gets expressed to others—friends, family and associations.  Hence, the word is spread into the community.

garden stairs3Unfortunately, the bad experience in outdoor lighting happens more than you would think.  Why?….it’s because of several faults:

  • A lack of education—by both the consumer and the trade profession.
  • A lack of skills or professional craftsmanship—by the tradesperson performing the work.
  • A lack of standards, practices and expectations—by the industry.

These above faults are serious and they continue to put a sore eye on the practice of low voltage outdoor lighting.  If we focus primarily on the educational aspect of this topic, then we will find that there is little concern for this awareness—we haven’t reached a point of total disappointment by those experiencing these frustrations.


design input chartAt NiteLiters, Inc., we believe that education and experience are critically important throughout each step of our process.  You will note that I said, “Process.”  Design is a process—an important part of creating the best opportunity and condition for our customers.  It should be noted that we use this word, “Design” as more than a word.  We’ve stated it’s a process—one which takes years to develop.

What is involved in this Design Process?  It takes one to be disciplined enough to:

  1. Ask the right questions and to effectively listen.  A customer should be able to tell you what their desires, frustrations and concerns are.
  2. Evaluate each setting and aspect of the work space.  This should include understanding what items are important to capture on the site–these usually include those things of special meaning to the customer.
  3. Understand the construction process.  A designer needs to fully understand how these projects are implemented if they are to ensure success for the installation team and the customer.
  4. Understand the various applications of light, as it applies to the light source.  There is a grand spectrum of LED’s and lamps available, and it is overwhelming.  NiteLiters, Inc. has simplified this process to ensure both quality and longevity of the system installed.
  5. Understand all job site limitations that might impact the design intent.
  6. Effectively visualize what the work space will look like during the daylight hours.
  7. Understanding the best products available for the job.

These skills take years to acquire and to develop.  This fact alone is the biggest benefit one gains by working with NiteLiters, Inc.  And, it is this reason at why we are not the lowest priced option available to the market–developed experience provides great value.


sharing hands as oneIt is very important to understand the reality of the problems we face, as they affect the outcome to all works.  NiteLiters, Inc. believes in this design process, and in the knowledge we have accrued over almost two decades.  It is not only in our best interest, but in the best interest of the community to provide the best services and information about this specialty craft.  This is the benefit we provide to you.

There are some key elements that lead to a ‘poor’ decision in this process:

  • Impulse buying on low cost products thinking this will save you money
  • Lack of understanding of what makes a good product
  • Not placing value on experience—this includes the ‘design’ process
  • Assuming anyone can perform these skills

Each of these above listed problems is a killer towards achieving a successful end result on your outdoor lighting project.  There are two ways to avoid these conditions:

  1. Research each contractor/designer and understand their background—find their website, check the contractor’s license board, and inspect their credentials. Those that don’t question these things will end up getting into trouble.
  2. Use known referrals from friends and family—this is your best way to know how these people actually work.

There really is no other source at this point in time.  Our industry is behind and has no standard form or process in place for this type of work.  It’s important to feel comfortable and led by those with real-world experience in these applications.  And, this is why we specialize only in this realm.


NiteLiters company pic

NiteLiters, Inc. is extremely passionate about landscape lighting and in providing proven solutions for these particular needs.  We are a nationally-recognized and award-winning business.  Founded in 1998, we have served this region almost two decades.

Our company is built on what matters most–Service.  We wouldn’t be here today if we didn’t know how to properly implement and maintain these relationships.  Most of our business comes from referrals, which proves our value to the community.

NiteLiters, Inc. is a proven industry leader in this specialized trade.  There is no better time to enhance your living environment—we would love the opportunity to meet with you and to explore ideas.  One of our team specialists will eagerly set a date and time that best applies to your needs—please contact us at:


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